This title is definitely the word to describe the wedding that Errol had the honours to DJ. It was a Friday night, but that didn’t stop this couple and their family and friends from an action-packed night of dance and entertainment.

1. Beautiful Venue

Errol arrived professionally early to set up at a beautiful venue in the city, with the Harbour Bridge as a backdrop; picturesque indeed.

He arrived early and completed his clean, crisp set up. Sound checks went to plan and he was ready to rock and roll.


2. Peaceful And Calm

The night started off very peaceful and calm, as guests started mingling and socializing with each other. Light refreshments were served with some tasty starters! After a few formalities, the dance floor was open.

From here, he had the crowd getting right into it, playing everything from RNB to house, commercial to retro. There were even Brazillian performers which everybody loved – yes, it did get hot and sweaty! Errol was able to take the below photos as proof of the fun everyone had. I must say, I am quite jealous!


He spoke to me and said that he did not have a break – and was definitely not complaining about this either. The mood was electric and everybody got their fair share of a good boogie and mean workout. This is a compliment to Errol’s professional demeanour and years of experience. There is a reason Sydney-siders hire this DJ for their wedding day. Hats off to you, champ!

Until next time,