At the end of 2017, our team was involved in an amazing fashion launch for an ethical clothing label. It was based in Melbourne, and we provided a photo booth and DJ. Today, we’re going to focus purely on the booth.

A brief summary about the cause first! The founder and former Hi-5 actor, Tanika Anderson, visited Myanmar as part of a Hi-5 trip. A conversation she had with one of the locals really struck a chord when they said the sewing machine under their place was used in their leisure time, and they really enjoyed it! When Tanika returned home to Australia, she was driven to make a change. The sewing machine is iconic as these girls now make clothes, ethically that is, to fund their dreams and passions. These clothes are sold all around the world and 100% (yep, 100%!) of profits are given back to the girls to alleviate poverty and prevent horrendous scenarios like being sold in the sex trafficking industry.

Enter Spring Summer 17 launch. This event was hosted in Melbourne, and included a list of celebrities and influencers. Guests were greeted upon entry with drinks, music, and an amazing vibe. A catwalk to showcase the stunning creations of the girls in Myanmar was one of the highlights.

So now you have an idea of what this was all about. We also had a photo booth with a green grass backdrop, fitting for the cause and the earthy vibes of this event. Rows of hessian rope were hung across the backdrop. The booth printed two copies of pictures – one was given to the guests and the other was hung on the wall. Why? We will leave a video of Tanika Anderson to answer that for you!