We are always on the lookout for new and exciting toys to add to our arsenal. A DJ who brings the right equipment can do wonders to the atmosphere of your party or celebration. This week, we explore the latest addition to our inventory, the Antari Z1520 RGB LED Fog Jet Machine.

Upon first glance of this machine, it looks very simple and we didn’t know what to expect. On the top of the machine you notice the LED lights, covered by a perspex protective cover, all surrounding the smoke nozzle. We note that this can also be placed flat on the ground facing up, or standing up facing outwards.


We turned the machine on to warm up – this required about 10-15 minutes. The reason this takes longer than the smaller smoke machines is because of the output and heat required for the level of smoke this creates. Once the machine is ready, the little LED screen shows a message (see below) that reads, ‘Ready to Fog’.


Here are two small clips of some tests, one in a garage, the other in a venue setting with moving heads.

We love this fog machine. The smoke produced is lot more powerful than the previous models we’ve housed, and the LED lights makes the show look spectacular when used together. We plan to buy a second to create a festival staging feel for DJ hire bookings in Sydney! We’ll be sure to post another video of what that looks like when we’ve got it.

Until next time,