Let’s face it, the price of weddings continue to increase year on year, and the rate is actually higher than inflation – 4.6% on average per annum! This has led many couples to become crafty and search for creative alternatives. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 ways to save on your wedding reception!

1. Alternative Days

There are a total of 7 days in the week! The majority of weddings are held on Saturdays, so shifting your big day one day before or after can make a big difference to the overall price as venues will generally have these days free. Shifting this to a mid-week wedding will save you tonnes as there are only a small few who book their wedding around this time.


2. Cocktail Style Wedding

Who said it has to be one hundred percent formal? Having a cocktail style is a great kind of different and keeps your guests moving around, ensuring plenty of interaction! A healthy chatter amongst the crowd is cool and keeps a buzzing energy around your wedding. The alternative of canapés to a sit-down meal will save you a heap in the process!

3. Smaller Bridal Party

For some, a larger bridal party is a must. But if you have the choice of having a smaller team, there could be hundreds to thousands in savings here. For each member of the bridal party, you’d traditionally have to pay for their outfit, gifts, make-up etc. A smaller bridal party equals a smaller cost. Tip: Asking for them to cover these expenses is an alternative here, but be mindful in how you ask. Only you know if you’re positioned to do so!


4. Hire a House

With the rise of renting almost anything nowadays, hiring a house could be a perfect option for you. With this approach, you’d have to organise to set up the venue yourself (or delegate someone to do so) as well as catering. However, there are huge savings here. Have a look at Stayz.com or Airbnb for some options. You’ll find that there are properties available specifically for this!


5. Open Canvas Venue

Similar to the above mentioned tip, this will allow you to bring your own caterers and decor. Bulk preparing your own food or organising a private caterer will help with bringing this cost down. Hiring a venue an extra night and organising family and friends to decorate the night before will also ensure more savings!

6. Hire a DJ For Entertainment

Our last tip is an additional one, but very relevant! Live or alternative entertainment can be pricey. If you’re conscious about not breaking the bank, a DJ is the perfect option. They’d be able to provide entertainment during dinner, formalities and even when the dance floor is open. Our team are specialists, so when it comes to wedding DJ hire within Sydney, be sure to reach out to us!


7. Wrapping It All Up

Yes, weddings continue to increase, and that’s because of the amounts of different services and continual improvements in service and product – everyone always wants better! However, there are still ways to bring your total price down. Have a think about where you’re fine to splurge and the areas you’d be happy to negotiate and you’ll be on the right track to increasing the dollars towards your honeymoon, first property, or whatever else you might have lined up!

Until Next Time,